Trading company MRNJAVAC d.o.o. the implementation of the project “Digital transformation of the company Mrnjavac d.o.o.” began. The project was co-financed by the European Union as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026.

Brief description of the project: The project “Digital transformation of the company Mrnjavac d.o.o.” addresses the problem of the level of digital readiness of business. The general goal that will be achieved by the project is to strengthen the competitiveness and productivity of Mrnjavac d.o.o. digital transformation of business. The target groups included in the project activities are the company’s employees and suppliers, as well as the local and wider population (HR, EU). The key result of the project is the improvement of business processes through the introduction of new IT solutions into the business, and the upgrading of existing ones, which will contribute to strengthening the market position and increasing the competitiveness of Mrnjavac d.o.o.

Beneficiary of the project: Mrnjavac d.o.o.
Total value of the project: €87,195.88
Total eligible expenses: €69,756.70
EU co-financing of the project: €38,366.18

The project implementation period takes place in the time period of (15.08.2022 – 15.08.2024) or 24 months.

Contact person for more information: Mrnjavac Gabrijel,

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